8 Things to Do With Your Partner Once You Have Tied Them Up

8 Things to Do With Your Partner Once You Have Tied Them Up


If you and your partner have decided to play around with BDSM, Love Direct has plenty of tips and toys to make your kinky journey perfect for both of you. If you have decided to play with bondage, using rope or silk restraints or even handcuffs, its good to have an idea of what you and your partner want to do next. BDSM is all about consent so that means talking about and planning the scene. It clarifies what activities you want to do, what turns you both on, and whether you want to use a safe word.
Planning on how you both want to enjoy kinky sex can add to the excitement, so here are some tips on what to do with your partner once you have tied them up.

1. Talk Dirty

This is the perfect time for you and your partner to tell each other how sexy you find each other, and exactly what you would love to do with each other’s bodies. Opening about what turns you on, and hearing your partner tell you about their deepest sexual fantasies is the best way to start of a sensual sex session of BDSM.

2. Take it All Off

Why not start things off with a slow, erotic striptease. Whether you want to strip for your partner, or you want to tease them and slowly take their clothes off, a strip tease is a fun, yet sexy way to start. It can be even hotter if you dress up beforehand in sexy lingerie, so as you peel off your outer layers, your body is highlighted in gorgeous lingerie.

3. Use a Blindfold

Sometimes when you can’t see what is going on, it becomes more erotic, as your imagination fills in the gaps, and you lie there completely turned on. A blindfold is a nice way to get into the idea of being at the mercy of another person and can really intensify every feeling. Try combining this with whispering your filthiest thoughts at the same time for sizzling aural sex.

4. Try out a Feather Tickler

If you want to take things up another notch, why not use a feather tickler on your partner. You can use it to gently tease them, by rubbing it over different parts of the body. The soft touch of the tickler will stimulate your partner’s nerve endings, intensifying every feeling, making for a highly erotic experience.

5. Break out the Massage Oil

The blindfold will make every physical touch more erotic for your partner, and it will turn you on seeing them respond so deeply to your touch. A good massage oil will help your partner relax, and the combination of touch and smell will drive you and your sexual partner crazy with desire. Love Direct stocks edible body oil, so you can use your mouth as well as your hands if you really want to explore their hot body.

6. Spanking Play

Spanking is a great way to start playing with pain in the bedroom. Your hand is the perfect spanking tool, as you can control the intensity of how hard you spank. You can be as gentle or hard as you both agree to at the start. You can get a real endorphin rush from a bit of controlled pain; it’s a fabulous way to spice up your sex life. Just remember to start of gently and spank the fleshier parts of the body such as the bottom and thighs.

7. Push the Pain Threshold with Whips and Riding Crops

If you have already played around with pain in the bedroom, you may want to try pain play with a whip or a riding crop. The person doing the whipping usually enjoys a dominant role, whereas the person being whipped is more submissive. Being spanked is a way for the submissive person to show that they love being in the control of the dominant partner. There are a few types of spanking tools, including paddles, which are a great tool for beginners as they are not too painful and come with different surfaces to experiment with. Floggers have different tendrils, made from rubber or leather, and can be used for stoking, tickling and whipping. Crops and whips can inflict more pain, and are best used by more experienced BDSM practitioners. Crops have a small handle with a long spine, and can have 2 sides or a double tip. Canes are perfect for roleplaying teacher and student games, but they do have a concentrated sting, so are best used by experienced dominants and submissives. Whips generally come in rubber or leather. Rubber whips are better for beginners as they do not sting as much. If you decide to use a leather whip, Love Direct recommends that you practice with it outside first to perfect your aim.

8. Get to Grips with a Gag

A gag is another way to take things to the next level as it reaffirms that your partner is under your control, and allows them to feel completely surrendered. There are different types of gags from ball gags to inflatable gags, so you can experiment with how much your partner can take in their mouth. You can also get an O-ring gag , penis and dildo gags, horse bit gags and even gags with smile hooks to keep the lips open. We recommend that you and your partner take a look at Love Direct’s range of gags and other sex toys, and then decide what would suit you best. There is no right and wrong type of sex toy; they are designed to suit all tastes.

Love Direct has everything you need to start BDSM play with your partner, whether you are new to S&M or experienced. Just talk about it with your partner beforehand and stay safe.