A Guide to Vibrators for Women

A Guide to Vibrators for Women

How to Choose the Perfect Vibrator

Love Direct Vibrators are a sure fire way to reach orgasm, and can be used by both women and men. Believe us when we say that they will really help you find that sweet spot. At Love Direct we have many different types of vibrators, of all shapes and sizes, which can make it seem slightly intimidating if you don’t know what type of sex toy you want. Our guide to vibrators for women will let you know all your options so that you can choose the perfect vibrator for you.

What do You Want from Your Vibrator

Before you buy an adult toy, it’s a good idea to think about how you plan on using your new plaything. Is it for solo play, or for sharing with a partner? Where do you want to use it on your clit, vaginally, anally or to explore you or your partner’s body? Do you want to manually use the vibrator yourself, or have a remote controlled sex toy?
Would you prefer a silent vibrator, particularly if you have flatmates or children? Our guide to the various types of vaginal and clitoral vibrators should help you choose your perfect sex toy.

Rabbit/Bunny Vibrators

The rabbit is one of he most recognised vibrators on the market, with its distinct bunny ears. The design is perfect for stimulating the vagina and the clitoris, making this one of the world’s best selling vibrators. We offer waterproof bunny vibrators for X rated fun in the bath; rabbit cock rings to wear during sex and even a Fifty Shades Darker rechargeable bunny vibrator. If this is your first time buying a vibrator, we think that a bunny vibrator is a great place to start, as this sex toy is a classic, and guarantees orgasms every time.

Clitoral Vibrators

If you are looking for a buzz, clitoral vibrators are a good place to start. They come in many shapes and sizes, from the discreet bullet to an arouser with a flickering tip. There are also vibrators for couples to use during sex that stimulate both partners, and many are waterproof so they can be used for a sex session in the bath or shower. If you want to avoid the stress of running out of batteries at a crucial moment then rechargeable vibrators are the way forward. The MiMi is one of our most discreet clitoral vibrators and can be used in couples and solo play.

Waterproof Vibrators

If you enjoy the sensuality of water on your body, then Love Direct’s range of waterproof vibrators will really drive you crazy with delight. They range from the world famous rabbit, which offers orgasmic sensations to your vagina and clitoris to the latest in adult toys, the vibrating five finger massage glove. The tongue shaped Jimmy Jane vibrator is charged via USB, and offers a sophisticated, modern vibe. If you prefer a penis shaped vibrator, then our jelly vibrator ticks all the right boxes for fun in the bath.

G Spot Vibrators

Our G Spot vibrators are designed especially to stimulate the G spot, which can be found on the inner front wall of the vagina. The vibrators apply firm, repetitive strokes to the area, allowing for strong, powerful orgasms. When women enjoy G spot orgasms they often ejaculate too, ranging from a sexy squirt to an erotic trickle. Some of our G spot sex toys also have a clitoral stimulator too, so you are guaranteed an earth shaking orgasm. The Smart Dream G spot and clitoral stimulator also has a silent motor, so the only noise that you will make is your screams of pleasure as you cum. Love Direct also offers rechargeable G spot vibes, that can be charged via USB. We think that a decent G spot sex toy is the perfect addition to any collection of sex toys for women.

Mini Vibrators

If you want something discreet yet powerful to take on holiday, or even stash in your desk at work, a mini vibrator is the ideal sex toy. They may be small but our tiny vibrators really pack a pinch. So whether you want a quick orgasm in your lunch break, or a purse sized sex toy to take on holiday, we have something to suit. From the famous Wanachi massager in a small size, which has a silent motor, to a cute lipstick vibrator that will fit in the smallest of handbags we have something to suit everyone. We even have a mini rabbit if you want a vaginal and clitoral buzz at the same time.

Orgasm Balls

Orgasm balls, also known as Ben Wa balls are another way to enjoy intense vaginal orgasms. Their design includes two balls that can be worn inside the vagina; they are a great way to spice up housework. Orgasm balls also work in the same way as Kegels as they tighten the vagina. If you prefer a vibrating sex toy then we have vibrating balls, as well as weighted steel balls, that can be bought with different weights. We recommend that you start with a lighter weight and then once your vaginal muscles have strengthened, try out heavier weights.

Vibrating Cock Rings

Cock rings are the ideal couple’s sex toy as the ring keeps him hard for longer, and the vibrations give your clit a hit of sheer erotic pleasure. We stock remote controlled cock rings such as the multi purpose Gladiator which stimulates the clitoris, shaft, anus and prostate, it really is the Swiss Army of sex toys.

Wand Massagers

We can’t mention vibrators without mentioning wand massagers. They can be used in different ways, as a clitoral stimulator, or used as an erotic way to explore each other’s bodies, great when used with sexily scented massage oil. They were originally designed, as body massagers until lovers found the stimulating effects of these magic wands. They can be plugged into the mains, or used with batteries or recharged via USB. Wand massagers are shaped like microphones, and we pretty much guarantee that using one will make you sing. If vibrators that vibrate your hand irritate you, then these wand massagers are perfect as all of the vibrations are focused in the head, not the handle. Another great quality of the wand massager is that you can use them with attachments that allow for internal stimulation. If you have struggled to have orgasms, this type of vibrator is perfect, as it is one of the most powerful types of vibrator.

So if you are feeling our vibe, check out Love Direct’s huge range of vibrators, and bring a buzz into your bedroom.