Beginners Guide to Anal Sex

Beginners Guide to Anal Sex

If you have always wanted to explore anal play but were unsure about how to have mutually satisfying anal sex with your partner or by yourself then Love Direct will show you how. For years it has been taboo to talk about anal sex, with many people scared to try it, or concerned that their partner won’t like it. Like anything else, the more knowledge you have of a topic, the higher the chance that you will be good at it.

Some of the Benefits of Anal Sex

There are some really great perks to anal sex:

  • It takes away the risk of pregnancy and is effective as form of birth control
  • Anal sex can enhance orgasm in men and women. It stimulates the prostate in men, if they are the recipient of anal sex and it allows the shaft to rub against the G-spot in a woman.
  • Anal sex also has the slightly forbidden factor, making it feel a bit kinky. It can really spice up your sex life.
  • There are lots of great toys for use with anal sex play.
  • It’s sex play that you can do on your own

So, what are the safest ways to have a naughty session of pounding anal play, either with a partner or alone?

How to Have Anal Sex with a Partner in 6 Easy Steps

1. Talk about it with your partner first; don’t mount a sneak attack from behind.

2. First step is to ensure that you are both clean down there to avoid the ick factor. We suggest you go to the toilet first to avoid any accidents.

3. Lube Up! To make things comfortable for yourself or your sexual partner, always use a good quality lube. The anal passage does not get wet by itself, so use lube for smooth sensual anal sex. Love Direct has a wide range of different lubes that are ideal for anal sex.

4. Always wear a condom. To protect you and your partner form STDs you should always use a condom. A condom will also protect the transfer of bacteria from the anus to other parts of the body. If you are swapping between anal and vagina sex, change condoms.

5. Take it easy. Start with gentle foreplay to get your partner excited, and then use your fingers first on your partner’s anus, to get them used to feeling something inside it. They need time to relax, so that their anal muscles open up slowly. Rimming is a very pleasurable way to start anal play too, if you combine both these sexual techniques, you can’t go wrong.

6. Experiment with different positions. Remember that the head of your penis is often the thickest part, so ease it in gently. Many people find anal easier if they are lying on their sides in the spooning position, and if your partner’s knees are pulled up it elongates the back passage, making it feel less painful. Once your partner is comfortable you can try out doggy style or missionary.

How to Enjoy Solo Anal Sex

1. Choose Your Sex Toy. We at Love Direct offer a huge range of anal toys that are ideal for solo play. The muscles within the anal passage do stretch but we advice starting small at first. Anal beads or anal stretchers are a good way to start slowly until you feel your anal muscles relax. But there are also butt plug, including vibrating ones as well as prostate massagers and even anal inflatables

2. Lube Up. A decent lubricant is essential for solo anal masturbation. The anus does not produce its own lubrication, so for ease and personal comfort, we advise you to lube up. Lubricant allows the sex toy to slide in and out with ease as well as avoiding any tearing of the sensitive anal tissue. During anal play, keep using more lube, on yourself and on your sex toy of choice.

3. Play Around. There is no need to rush anal masturbation. It can take time for the sphincter muscles to relax, as your body gets used to a different type of touch. People new to anal play can sometimes feel as though they need the toilet when a finger or anal sex toy is inserted in the body. So take it easy. Make sure you have both time and privacy and try exploring with the pad of your finger before inserting your finger to allow your muscles to relax. Then you can try out your latest adult toy once you feel comfortable.

4. Areas to Explore. Once you have a finger or toy inserted, its time to find some of your pleasure points. The opening contains the most nerve endings, whereas the inside of the anus is stimulated by feelings of fullness. If you are a guy, your prostate gland can be found a few inches inside the front wall of the anus. If you are a woman you can stimulate your clitoris through the anus.

5. Different Movements. You can move your anal toy or finger in and out, or rotate it gently within the anus to see where you get the most pleasurable feelings.

6. Clean Up Afterwards. You may not see it, but faecal matter can be spread if you touch anything after anal play. A bacterium that lives inside the anus may not live so happily within the vagina for example.

Love Direct hopes that our guide to having pleasurable anal sex will help you get started. We have a wide variety of anal sex toys and lubes to make sure that you and your partner have the hottest anal play ever.

Just remember to listen to your partner and your own body, don’t rush and always use protection.