How do penis pumps work?

What do Penis Pumps Do?

One thing that men worry about in the bedroom is the size of their penis, or keeping an erection for longer. Bathmate penis pumps are a good way to deal with these issues, but what exactly are penis pumps? They are also called vacuum pumps, and basically consist of a plastic tube and a hand or battery pump. The tube is placed over the penis, with a band at the base to fit around the erect penis. You then use the pump to take air out of the tube, which creates a vacuum around the penis, which makes blood flow into the penis increasing the length and size. The tube can then be removed and a band placed at the base of the penis to help maintain your hard-on during sex. Bathmate penis developers are used with water for a superior fit and effect.
It’s a simple but effective penis expander that really helps with managing erectile dysfunction in men. They are a good way for men whose health conditions have effected their sexual functioning to get back in their game.

Can a Penis Pump Help with Erectile Dysfunction?

As well as helping men with medical conditions that affect their ability to get erections, such as diabetes, Peyronie’s Disease or heart problems, a penis pump can help men who just want to improve the time that they can hold an erection. It also helps maintain size and length after prostate surgery. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction due to mental health issues, or the side effects of medication a penis pump can also help support better erections. After prostate surgery, there often is a reduction in the size of the penis. Regular use of a penis pump after surgery appears to improve the length of the penis. Now scientific studies are backing this up. An Italian study at the University of Turin evidenced that penis pumps were a much safer way to increase the size of the penis compared to surgery with some men reporting an increase in size of up to 2.3cms.

Do Penis Pumps Work for Better Erections?

Although a penis pump is a medically proven treatment for dealing with erectile dysfunction, it is also an effective male sex toy for allowing men to enjoy better erections. Using a penis pump enhances the flow of blood to the penis, which boosts oxygenation to the penile tissues. This greatly reduces the risk of abnormal growths in the fibrous tissue within the penis that adversely affect erectile function.

Can Using A Penis Pump Increase Penis Size & Length?

Penis pumps certainly work for creating and maintaining a short-term erection, but many men also claim that they can help with increasing penis length long term. If they are used regularly, for around 20 minutes at a time, 3 days a week, they can lengthen the penis by as much as 2.3 cms. The key point is that they work, but have to be used regularly to add size to the penis. Once you start a weekly regime of penis pumping, you will start to see great results that can last for some time. Putting your penis under a vacuum regularly expands its proportions, with many men reporting that when they do this on a regular basis it leads to permanent results. The results of using a decent penis pump from Love Direct can be seen in non erect and the erect state. This makes them a great choice for men who want to see positive changes to the size of their penis.

Can Diet Boost Penis Size?

Factors that can affect the gains that can be made by using a penis pump are the size of the penis originally, physical health, pumping for the correct time, Love Direct recommends no longer than 20 minutes at a time as well as having a healthy diet. If eating pineapple and strawberries can improve the amount of sperm produced as well as affecting the taste, diet can have other affects on the penis. Penis friendly foods include oysters, eggs, spinach, red meat, oatmeal, seeds and nuts, berries such as strawberries and blueberries, dark chocolate and oily fish. All of these foods are jam packed with nutrients, which will boost your libido, as well as improving your general health. Some of these sexy foods can also be used during foreplay, such as slick, smooth oysters and red, succulent strawberries. Improving your health is a win all round, so if the added benefits are an increased libido and stamina during sex, why not combine a sexy diet with using a penis pump.

Can Penis Pumps be Combined with Other Techniques for Penis Enlargement?

Some men like to combine using a penis pump with another technique for increasing the size of the penis. Jelqing is a method whereby the penis is manually stretched and squeezed, by either pinching the shaft with your thumb and index finger, or by making an ‘O’ shape with these same fingers and using them to stretch the shaft. Other men use penis weights along with penis pumps in their penis enlarging regime, or rigid penis extenders for long lasting results. It is really a case of each to their own with regards using other male sex toys or penile enlarging techniques. Some men may not need to use other items, other men may get sexual enjoyment out of using varied techniques on their penises, if you are curious we suggest giving it a try. Which takes us to our next point, penis pumping for fun.

Using a Penis Pump for Sensation

As well as its practical uses Love Direct’s penis pumps can also be used for fun. Aside from its more practical uses, a penis pump can be fun to use. The feelings around having a huge, hard penis can be extremely stimulating and very arousing. The feeling of suction on your penis can be almost overwhelming, and can lead to orgasm. The trick is to pay attention to how you are feeling, and release the pressure of the pump as you feel that you are close to orgasm. Once the feeling has subsided a little, you can start pumping again. Penis pumping is a great way of edging, where you can bring yourself to the brink of orgasm again and again. It can even be done by a partner for an extra thrill as you are literally letting your sexual partner control your penis or during BDSM sessions. Many men find this intensely stimulating, and find using a penis pump this way as an additional sex act to penetrative sex. Once the penis is released from the pump, you can feel highly relaxed, as though you have just had sex.

Types of Penis Pumps

All penis pumps work by using a vacuum but there are different types of pumps. Water based penis pumps such as the Bathmate penis pumps use water instead of air, and once the water is pumped out, the penis expands to fill the space inside the pump. These are seen as the elite of penis pumps as they are comfortable and easy to use. Dry pumps use air instead of water, and can be used with automatic or manual systems. The user manipulates manual pumps, whereas automatic pumps have an electric pump motor to create a vacuum. Pumps can also be used with sleeves if preferred or with Bathmate pads for extra comfort.

Love Direct’s range of high quality penis pumps offer men a way to increase the size and length of their penis as well as add another male sex toy to their collection.